Ohad GadaasiI help tech companies & enterprises grow via smart search engine strategies.
With a proven and extensive track record of SEO projects, I have developed an in-depth business and marketing understanding, alongside strong managerial, technical, and analytical skills, to make businesses shine online.

Since every new project has its own unique challenges & opportunities, I am utilizing tailored solutions to maximize success.

Today, I’m leading a boutique marketing agency called “Firsterra” with a mission to create organic growth engines for our partners.
I recently joined Jolt business school as a lecturer, teaching students worldwide about marketing.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Attract the right target audience which is already looking for your products & services online

Online Presence

Find and participate in online discussions under relevant topics to boost sales and brand awareness

Conversion Rate Optimization

Improve user journey to increase the ratio between existing visitors and leads or other desired action




"Ohad helped us set a clear path on how to integrate our products with search engines to attract the right traffic to our publishers & communities."

Ido Goldberg
SVP of Products @ OpenWeb

"Your research, analysis & strategy presentations helped the teams understand how to reach our target audience online effectively."

Yoav Vilner
CEO & Co-Founder at Walnut

"Ohad was highly recommended to me and delivered as expected - both in my current role and at my former position where he helped us grow to top organic positions and generate more leads."

Roni Floman
Published Author & VP Marketing @ Nexar

Ohad led Harel Group to become the #1 most visited website in the competitive Israeli insurance industry. Ohad is the kind of rare partner who combines values & professionalism. Thanks for this spectacular ride and friendship.

Adam Polachek
Deputy CEO & Head of Digital and Service

I had the pleasure of working with Ohad in the past year on various SEO growth initiatives for Kaltura.
Ohad is a true go-getter with a great growth mindset, eager to learn about and support our business growth. He speaks through the numbers and helped us grow our traffic by 1,500% with great attitude, ownership, and support throughout the entire process.

Roi Kaufman
Director of Marketing & Growth @ Kaltura

“Working with Ohad is a true pleasure. His sophisticated SEO strategy is backed by razor-sharp execution and impressive results, and always with amazing dedication, focus and a positive attitude!”

Lisa Bennett
VP Marketing @ Kaltura

"I’m proud to call Ohad my business partner. Ohad's integrity and emotional intelligence, combined with professionalism and sharp strategic mindset make him a rare kind. I enjoy every second collaborating with him."

Noa Eshed
Founder & CEO @ Bold Digital Architects

Ohad helped us monitor new organic opportunities and solve complex challenges with a lot of dedication and professionalism. A great person to work with.

Tom Pinchuk
Growth Director @ Nexar

Ohad helped us turn HomeBiogas into a leading organic traffic machine that attracts our target audience which is constantly searching for biogas information & solutions.

Or Gottlib
VP Marketing @ HomeBiogas

"Ohad is the most proficient professional I've met. We tackled him with a specific task - and while completing it he also changed the way we look at the Push/Pull Ads ecosystem."

Lior Frenkel
CPO & Partner @ Jolt

Ohad is an SEO powerhouse. He is hands-on, very responsive and is a pleasure to work with. Within a month he built our SEO strategy, and after a couple more we started seeing positive ROI. I am learning a lot during our work together and highly recommend him to other CMOs and Marketing VPs. 

Aviv Canaani
VP Marketing @ Workiz

"A true online marketing expert who grew our organic traffic by 200% and MQL's by 121% within 24 months alongside solving complex challenges and continuously identify online opportunities."

Tal Valler
Marketing Director @ Centrical

Ohad has been wonderful to work with. He has taken the time to get to know our business, find opportunities for growth and provide perfect customer service. 

Jessica Switlo
VP Marketing @ Gil Travel

"Unlike most SEO professionals, Ohad didn't promise to get us to the first page on Google. Nevertheless, within 4 months we've managed to reach first place."

Netanel Ohayon
VP Marketing @ ZOOZ

"Ohad helped us understand how to attract a mass of worldwide travelers from search engines. He led this project to build a data-driven strategy based on potential, opportunities, and competition."

Nadav Saadia
Co-Founder & CMO @ Unwrapped

"Ohad it was a true privilege working with you. Not only because of your exacting professionalism or your vast understanding of business and all-things-marketing - but just because of who you are as a person. You wear your heart on your sleeve and truly care about us. I felt your concern every step of your way."

Soheil Zaman
Co-Founder & CEO @ GradeBuddy

"Working with Ohad for three years now. Together we led our client's web asset to generate x10 in revenue compared the baseline using SEO, CRO & SMM. Incredible results. Thank you."

Ofra Moses Magal
Founder @ MOMA Marketing

"Sometimes it feels as if you were one of our co-founders. Thanks for your commitment to the project and for helping us to build the largest video encyclopedia on the internet."

Yuval Katz
Founder & CEO @ Check123

"Ohad is a "can do" leader. Very positive, energetic, always pushing the team to go higher and faster. A true online marketing master, who possess a strong passion for growth."

Eyal Rosen
Head of Emerging Products @ WebPals

"Ohad was running advanced  technical SEO campaigns for the following companies: Mako, Cellcom, Phoenix, Zer4U, Beeper, and successfully led each one of them to growth in organic traffic."

Ariel Bortnick
Founder & CEO @ Atomi Digital Marketing
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"93% of online experiences begin with a search engine" Search Engine Journal.


"88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as they trust friends recommendations" HubSpot.

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"Organic search refers more converting traffic, than any other online marketing source" Moz.

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